Group Fitness/Schedules


Tailored to maximize your exercise results, our aerobics program structures classes that provide every member the benefits of cross-training.  From Beginning Yoga to Advanced Boot Camp, MAFC offers a diverse schedule of aerobics classes for overall cardiovascular health, toning and muscular sculpting needs and at the forefront of every class is an experienced, certified instructor safely leading the way.

Offering over 90 Group Fitness classes per week.

Click on the links below to view or print the current bi-monthly group fitness schedules. 

Participants of ALL LEVELS (age 14 years and up) are welcome in the Group Fitness Classes. If participating in a popular class type, please arrive early.  Please note the limitations on class sizes, found on class descriptions. An instructor substitution may alter a class type.

The Saturday, March 1st 8:30am water aerobic class is cancelled due to a water pipe repair issue. 

The pool, however, will remain open and you may experience  slightly cooler water temperature.  


March/April Fitness Schedule Studio A and B
Studio A and B Class Description

March/April Water and Conference Room Schedule
Water and Conference Room Class Description

Group Fitness Class Policies 

Age Requirements:
Age 14 and older may participate in Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Class