COVID-19 Update

City Parks And Recreation Centers and Programs to Close Until March 30th.

In response to NC Governor Roy Cooper’s order to stop mass gatherings of more than 100 people and the decision to close public schools for a minimum of two weeks due to the growing threats of COVID-19, Monroe Parks and Recreation facilities will be closed until Monday, March 30th to comply with the order and assess what additional steps need to be taken.
The closure affects all Monroe recreation centers, community centers, Parks and Recreation programming and facility rentals. The Monroe Aquatics and Fitness Center and the Ellen Fitzgerald Senior Center will also remain closed until March 30th. The Monroe Country Club Golf Course will continue to operate on a normal schedule.
“We understand this is a difficult time for many people, but we need to make these adjustments to ensure public health and do our part to reduce any potential spread of COVID-19,” said Mayor Bobby Kilgore. “This is a time for us to come together as a city, a state, and a country. We also need to look out for those in need and do what we can to band together and show our resolve.”
City of Monroe staff will continue to monitor the ever-changing situation and make the necessary adjustments to safeguard the public and staff.
Additional information will be made available through the City of Monroe Website as well as through the City’s Facebook page.


The City of Monroe provides six community centers to our citizens and the surrounding area.  Our facilities host events as well as private parties on a regular basis.  Each facility is located minutes from downtown Monroe.  Many of our parks and recreation leagues are also housed in these facilities.  Many activities take place within these facilities, including our Beyond the Bell program and after-school programs.  Each facility offers unique and fun community special events on a regular basis!

Click on the map for directions to any of our community centers!


Map of Parks