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Fire Prevention & Life Safety Education

Our mission in the Monroe Fire Department includes protecting the quality of life and property in our community through fire prevention and life safety education. 

We offer the following educational programs to help us achieve this mission. 


Station Tours

Fire Station tours are available for all age groups.  These tours provide an age-appropriate educational experience by teaching fire and life safety along with how the fire department operates.  We normally offer station tours at stations 1 and 4, but all stations can be toured.  We can also set up virtual tours.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguisher training is available for high school students and adults.  The training can be scheduled for businesses, civic/church groups, and school courses.  The first portion of training includes a lecture-style teaching session with a Power Point presentation.  The second portion of training is done in an outdoor space using the Bullex Digital Fire Extinguisher Trainer or the Bullex Live-Fire Extinguisher Trainer.

Educational Presentations

Educational presentations can be given at your facility on a variety of topics, including hands only CPR training.  These are available to groups such as older adults, daycare children, students, parents, scout groups, and others. 

Truck Displays

A fire truck can be requested for educational events where groups will be able to look inside of the truck and compartments while learning the operations of the truck.  This allows us a great opportunity for community interaction and fire-prevention education.  Please keep in mind that the fire truck may still be responding to emergency calls.

Fire Explorers

The Monroe Fire Explorer program provides fire service career experiences to young adults of our community.  It is open to ages 14 thru 20.  Meetings are currently being held once a month on Tuesdays.  Explorers are also invited to participate in other department events.  Uniforms and needed fire gear are issued to the explorers.  There is no cost to join the program.

Citizens Academy

The Monroe Fire Department participates in the Citizens Academy that is hosted through the City of Monroe Human Resources Department.  This is an eight-week program that looks at roles and function of city departments such as fire, police, finance, energy services, and many more. It is open to residents of Monroe and those that work in the City of Monroe. 

Education requests should be made in advance and can be completed by contacting

our Fire and Life Safety Educator, Captain/Assistant Fire Marshal Katie Hinson.


Fire and Life Safety Links

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Lady beside stove in kitchen and lady leaving kitchen while cooking with an over the photo

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Maps of a home escape planMan and boy crawling low out of a home to the sound of a smoke alarm

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Kids' Fire Safety

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