City Council

Elected Officials serve the residents of Monroe and provide the legislative and policy-making functions for City government directing such action as required for the general welfare of the City through appropriate programs, services, and activities which promote confidence in City government.     


Bobby Kilgore
(704) 283-6967


Mayor Pro Tem Marion Holloway

Mayor Pro Tem
Marion Holloway
(704) 289-1023

City Council member Surluta Anthony

Council Member
Surluta Anthony
(704) 282-4502

Councilman Freddie Gordon

Council Member
Freddie Gordon
(704) 575-0269

City Council member Angelia James

Council Member
Angelia James
(704) 290-1844

City Council member Lynn Keziah

Council Member
Lynn Keziah
(704) 221-2365

Councilman Franco McGee

Council Member
Franco McGee
(704) 290-1843