Lakes & Vegetative Buffers

Lake Twitty

Help Us Protect Water Quality in City of Monroe Lakes and Streams

City of Monroe Lakes (Twitty, Lee, and Monroe) are now listed on the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Impaired Water 303 (d) List. Please help us be good stewards of our water resources!  For additional information, please review the links below for ways you can help.

Lake Information

Open approximately March 1st to November 1st.
Open 7am until 7pm

Lake Twitty
2213 Old Camden Rd.
(704) 292-7794
Closed Sunday & Monday
Lake Inspector: Robert (Bob) Simpson

Lake Monroe
2312 Medlin Rd.
(704) 291-7135
Closed Wednesday
Lake Inspector:  Willie Smith

Lake Lee
1700 Pageland Hwy.
(704) 283-4263
Closed Tuesday
Lake Inspector: Ken Kendall

Additional Information


How can I help protect the water quality?
Lake and Boating Activities
Lake Access or Dock Agreement Process
Duck Weed on City Lakes


City of Monroe Lake and Stream Vegetative Buffer Policy
NCDENR Buffer Restoration Guide