The City of Monroe elected officials and city staff are here for the nearly 40,000 residents of Monroe. We are committed to providing first-rate service to each and every resident and business in our city. As a full-service city, we offer everything from police and fire to parks and recreation and planning and development. We operate an airport, golf course, our own gas, electric, water and sewer operations, as well as streets and engineering. City departments also include Human Resources, Finance, IT, Legal, Economic Development, Tourism, and Downtown.

Each department has a role to play individually, but only through working together do we achieve great service. Below, you will find the City of Monroe mission statement as well as the core values we stand by each and every day. We are here to serve our community and to ensure that the needs of our residents, businesses and guests are met..



Monroe is a vibrant and progressive community in which its citizens are provided with quality residential and job opportunities and recreational and cultural amenities.  


The City of Monroe is committed to providing reliable, responsive, quality service to our customers at the lowest reasonable cost. We accomplish this through professional and courteous service consistent with making Monroe a vibrant and progressive community.


COMMITMENT To be successful, each employee must meet and be committed to all of the ideas and concepts projected through our vision and mission statements. Service to our customers is our most important job. We will make sure that people can count on us to be responsive to the needs of our community.

INNOVATION We will recognize that “the way we have always done it” may or may not be the best and most efficient way to deliver service. We will apply creative and cost-effective solutions in delivering services to our community with a goal of continuously improving the quality of life.

INTEGRITY We will protect the public trust by ensuring that our actions are consistent with our vision, mission, and core values. We will promote honesty and ethical behavior and deliver the highest level of customer service possible.

LEADERSHIP We will maintain a highly qualified team of professionals who will be leaders in their areas of expertise. Our team will support and complement the leadership of our Mayor and City Council.  

SENSITIVITY As an organization, we embrace differing points of view, diversity, and honesty. Everyone is respected as individuals, and their contributions are appreciated.

TEAMWORK We recognize that the success of our City is dependent upon our ability to perform as a highly effective team. We acknowledge the mutual responsibility of government and citizens to provide a high quality of life and to work together to meet our common goals. Together Everyone Achieves More.