Public Information and Communication Office

     The City of Monroe Public Information and Communication Office is charged with the primary responsibility of facilitating communication between the government organization and both the news media and general public. The Public Information Office works in the upper levels of the organization where broad policy direction is set and works with all levels of government to ensure that a cohesive and unified message is disseminated. Public information officers ensure that any information coming out of the organization aligns with executive direction and accurately conveys the information being shared.
      The City of Monroe often has critical information that is to be shared to the general public. The Public Information Office disseminates information through a variety of strategies. Most communication plans include using all types of news media. By informing the press, public information officers take advantage of the media outlets’ distribution networks to reach as many residents as possible. This is why government organizations hold press conferences, send press releases and do various print, radio and television interviews. Other means of sharing information include using social media and collaborating with public relations and marketing agencies.