Monroe Science Center Project

The Monroe Tourism Development Authority (TDA) has determined that a hands-on science and learning-themed facility will not only be an asset for city and county residents, but it will also serve to attract residents from surrounding counties and provide additional family opportunities for individuals staying in Monroe.
In studying potential locations for a science center, the TDA and City determined that a location in the downtown area would be best. The TDA purchased a 16,000-square-foot building at 316 E. Franklin Street which previously served as a grocery store, restaurant and night club. It sits adjacent to the Union County Public Library and the First Presbyterian Church on Windsor Street and is in close proximity to the downtown businesses.
The City has also purchased two additional parcels in close proximity to the proposed Science Center. These parcels will help in the development of the Science Center as well as create a gateway opportunity for the City and Downtown Monroe.

Science Center Conceptual Images

Video Animation of Science Center