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The Permit Center's mission is to educate and provide quality services to citizens, contractors, and developers. It is our intent to provide a safe, healthy living and working environment through the administration and enforcement of the N.C. State Building Code and City of Monroe ordinances. The Permit Center staff is always available to provide advice regarding the permitting and approval process within the City of Monroe. Our staff is available to assist with completing the required applications needed and to insure that all necessary plans and specifications are included with your applications. We strive to direct citizens, contractors, and developers to the appropriate department regarding any technical questions with the permitting process. Once all documents have been submitted, our staff is responsible for routing them to the appropriate departments and insuring that all review approvals have been obtained prior to issuance of the permit. Our overall goal is to provide excellent customer service in an efficient and effective manner. We aim to assist our customers with the permitting process by providing them with accurate, sufficient information at the beginning of the process and to route the information in a timely manner for expeditious, quality review.

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Please contact our office about plan submittals at or 704-282-4524.

 City of Monroe-Fees Schedule   ADOPTED:  May 5, 2020
CHAPTER I–Administrative   EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2020
CHAPTER II-Building Standards    
CHAPTER III-Business Fees    
CHAPTER IV-Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport    
CHAPTER V–Electric    
CHAPTER VI-Engineering/Public Works    
CHAPTER VIII-Natural Gas    
CHAPTER IX–Parks and Recreation Fees    
CHAPTER X-Planning and Zoning    
CHAPTER XI-Police    
CHAPTER XII-Water & Sewer