Did You Know?
If one recylcing cart is contaminated, then the entire recycling truck is considered contaminated and cannot be recycled. Please use your 96 gallon black recycling cart only for the items we accept in our program.  Items should be placed in your recycling cart loose and not contained in a plastic bag.

City Recycling Incentive Program
Each month ten residents are randomly selected to participate in this program. City staff notifies these residents that the contents of their recycle bin will be monitored weekly for one month. Points are given for the number of commodities being recycled, the cleanliness of the material, and the ratio between the garbage cart and recycle bin. The resident with the most points is rewarded $50.00. The first place winner who has the highest points during the year will be awarded $500.00.

The City of Monroe provides recycling collection as part of your garbage collection at no additional charge. Recycling is collected every other week on the same day as garbage collection.

Use the link below to access the 2018-19 calender and for a list of items we accept.