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Latest Updates: 

PROCLAMATION (April 11, 2024): Mayor Robert Burns issued a proclamation recognizing National Youth Apprenticeship Week as part of the City’s Good Jobs, Great Cities designation by the National League of Municipalities and the United States Department of Labor.

“The City of Monroe recognizes and celebrates the importance of Registered Apprenticeship programs in inspiring more young individuals to pursue pathways that contribute to a skilled and prosperous workforce,” said Mayor Robert Burns.

Dr. Mark Little, Dean of Applied Technical Programs at South Piedmont Community College, received the proclamation from Mayor Burns during the meeting.

NLC Blog Spotlight (March 29, 2024): Good Jobs, Great Cities Spotlight: Monroe, NC The National League of Cities chose to spotlight Monroe for its efforts to connect job-seekers with precision manufacturers with the MonroeWorks campaign. 

PRESS RELEASE (March 20, 2024): City of Monroe Launches "MonroeWorks" To Connect Job-Seekers with Manufacturing Employers

PRESS RELEASE (November 3, 2023): City of Monroe Convenes 80 Leaders in Government, Business and Nonprofit Sectors to Address Hiring Barriers in the Manufacturing Sector in Mayor’s Symposium

PROCLAMATION (October 30, 2023): Monroe Mayor Marion Holloway issued a proclamation declaring the City of Monroe officially recognizes National Apprenticeship Week from November 13-19, 2023. As part of this recognition, the Mayor is encouraging local businesses, educational institutions and government agencies to collaborate on the creation of additional apprenticeship and work-based learning opportunities for the residents of Monroe. Mayor Holloway will be presenting the proclamation at the SPCC Business Solutions Apprenticeship Summit on November 14 at the Monroe Country Club.

PRESS RELEASE (October 24, 2023): City of Monroe Recognized as Good Jobs, Great Cities Destination City by National League of Cities and US DOL; Holds 2-Day Symposium with Service Agencies and Employers

(October 10, 2023): The City Manager invites employers of manufacturing jobs in Union County to the Mayor’s Symposium for the Good Jobs Great Cities Academy on October 26, 2023 at 7:30 a.m. at the Dowd Center Theatre, 120 South Main Street, Monroe, NC. Light breakfast will be served. Reservations are required and space is limited. Please contact, Teresa Campo at 704-282-4526 or for more information and/or to reserve your spot to provide your insights and perspectives in shaping strategies for creating job opportunities.

(October 2, 2023): The City of Monroe is hosting an informational event for the Good Jobs, Great Cities Academy the morning of Thursday, October 26, 2023 at the Dowd Center Theatre in downtown Monroe for invited guests. Click here to watch the video

(September 21, 2023): The National League of Cities released a new video explaining the initiative. Click here to watch the video

(September 18, 2023): The Mayor will be hosting the first Mayor’s Good Jobs Great Cities Symposium for invited guests from the Manufacturing industry on October 26, 2023. 

PRESS RELEASE (May 16, 2023): City of Monroe Chosen for National Partnership to Create New Jobs

Good Jobs, Great Cities

The City of Monroe is recognized nationally as one of the sixteen (16) jurisdictions by the National League of Cities (NLC) and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to participate in the Good Jobs, Great Cities Academy

The City of Monroe was chosen through a competitive process in 2023 based on our precision manufacturers, infrastructure, academic partners, public private partnerships, economic development, and local community. 









The City of Monroe Strategic Committee cohort members include: Mayor Marion Holloway; Mayor Pro-Tem Gary Anderson; Mark Watson, Monroe City Manager; Teresa Campo, Monroe Community Development Manager; Ron Mahle, Monroe Union County Economic Development Commission, Existing Industry Manager; Chris Rivera, South Piedmont Community College, Vice President of Business Solutions; and Laurie Garner, Centralina Workforce Development Board, Business Services Leader. 

GJGC Cohort Washington July 11, 2023

The City of Monroe Strategic Committee cohort members attended the Washington Academy Session July 10-12, 2023. 


The academy will assist the City and our partners in developing innovative and scalable solutions that train long term unemployed and underemployed workers to obtain quality, high-demand jobs in precision manufacturing. The partnership between NLC, the DOL, employers, agencies, and the participants will be mutually beneficial. 

The National League of Cities has recognized our strong employer and community engagement as models for other cities to follow, in the selection of the City of Monroe.  The Good Jobs, Great Cities Academy affords Monroe an opportunity to share best practices and to learn from other regional leaders. 


As a Good Jobs, Great Cities Academy City we will capitalize on the chance to engage with NLC, the DOL, other federal agencies, national leaders and our peer cities to: 

  • Identify and convene employers and other stakeholders within a targeted subsector relating to training and employment in precision manufacturing;
  • Identify and address barriers, identify gaps, and develop training programs that open the doors for our long term unemployed and underemployed citizens;
  • Develop education and workforce ecosystems that enhance existing successful initiatives and/or develop new initiatives;
  • Implement strategies that ensure infrastructure, clean energy and advanced manufacturing career opportunities are high-quality and support long term economic vitality in communities that includes employment of our citizens;
  • As a result of this work, we will be better positioned to address structural issues that many groups of workers face, including youth, women, disabled, justice impacted individuals, veterans, and all low to moderate income people here in Monroe to have an opportunity for employment making a living wage;
  • The City will have access to resources that strengthen our effectiveness in the leveraging and allocation of funds to support goals for addressing workforce needs; and, 
  • Strengthen policy and practice by intentionally building connections to supportive services for workers, and connecting to the care economy, including childcare, healthcare and mental health as key supports for workers.


The Mayor will lead a cross-sector partnership of public and private members, including: City Departments, South Piedmont Community College, Wingate University, Union County Schools (Public, Private, Homeschool), Non-Profits, Associations, and Manufacturers. 

The Mayor will be hosting the first Mayor’s Good Jobs Great Cities Symposium for invited guests from the Manufacturing industry on October 26, 2023. 

Check back for updates, please reach out to any of the cohort members for further information and how to get involved.