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Our mission is to create a sustainable community of lasting values by preserving our past and planning for the future while enhancing the quality of life. We are committed to protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the citizens within our community through quality customer service, education, and planning.

**9/20/22 Update** In early August the Mayor and City Council requested an item be placed on the September Strategic City Council agenda to discuss currently approved Residential Development projects due to the number of questions and comments being received from the Community. At the September 13, 2022 Strategic City Council meeting, the Planning and Development Director gave a presentation outlining the historic of residential growth, the residential development approval process, a summary of residential development approvals, and introduced the new interactive develop map. You can find a copy of the presentation HERE or you may view the presentation on the City's YouTube page HERE

The new map and project pages, which are still under construction, can be found under the Planning subpage on the left side of the page.

The Planning and Development Department consists of five divisions:

- Responsible for Current and Long Range Planning, Transportation Planning, Historic Preservation, and Zoning Enforcement.

Building Standards
- Responsible for Commerical Plan Review and Inspections to include Building, Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical.

Code Enforcement
- Responsible for investigating and enforcing compliance for Minimum Housing, Public Health Nuisance, and Illegal Parkings in Yards. Community Maintenance also falls under the Code Enforcement Division. They are responsible for Right-of-Way Maintenance (including mowing), Removal of Illegal Signs, and Litter Removal (includinging Illegal Dumping)

Community Development
- Responsible for Strategice Planning, Creating Policies for Neighborhood and Economic Vitality. and Community Revitalization.

Permit Center
- Responsible for Processing Various Permits such as Building & Occupancy, Zoning, Erosion Control, Storm Water, Water & and Sewer, and Fire.

If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the main Planning line at (704) 282-4520.


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