Whom do I call if I smell gas?

The City Of Monroe Natural Gas Department can be contacted at (704) 282-4600. If the smell of natural gas is strong, call 911.

Why does the City of Monroe trim trees along power lines?

Trees enhance the beauty of our neighborhoods, add value to properties, and provide cool shade during the summer months.  However, trees growing too close to overhead power lines can threaten your safety and cause power outages, especially during high winds and ice storms.

Whom do I call to get underground lines marked?

State law requires excavators to call the North Carolina One Call Center (NC One Call) at 811 before beginning any excavation work. This is a free service. When an excavator locate request is received by NC One Call, utilities have three working days from 11:59 of the next business day to mark their underground facilities.

Whom do I call to find out about having a street light installed?

Please contact Energy Services Engineering Department at 704-282-4600 to find out about having a street light installed.

Whom do I call if my street light or area light is not working properly?

To request maintenance of street lights and area lights or to report an outage please contact the City of Monroe Customer Service Department at 704-282-4600 or report an outage here.

Whom do I call if I am having power fluctuations, voltage trouble or power outages?

Please contact Energy Services at (704) 282-4600.

What is the cost of installing an area light on my property?

You may call Customer Service at to apply for an area light (704-282-4600) and an Engineering Technician will contact you and make an appointment to discuss the monthly rate information.  The City of Monroe may need to have access to get a line truck on the property.  If the customer has a fence, then the gate will need to be a minimum of 12 feet in order for the line truck to enter.

What does it cost to convert my electrical service from overhead to underground?

The City of Monroe will need to prepare an actual cost estimate for the new underground line. Please contact the Energy Services Engineering Department to schedule an appointment at (704) 282-4600 .

How do I apply for electric service?

The Customer Service Department can assist with establishing new utility accounts.  You can contact them at (704) 282-4511 or by email at utilities@monroenc.org.  Also, you can stop by the Customer Service Department at 201 E. Windsor Street in Monroe.