The Engineering Department provides civil infrastructure maintenance and development services to the City of Monroe. These services include the maintenance of public streets, sidewalks and stormwater drainage system, review and inspection of public and private development projects, City mapping updates, stormwater management, solid waste collection, and floodplain management. In addition to these ongoing services, Engineering also administers two municipal cemeteries, capital improvement projects and engineering support for the Stormwater and Solid Waste utility billing.

The Engineering Department in partnership with the Water Resources Department has produced the City of Monroe Standard Specification and Detail Manual, which contains specific standards that all development must adhere to. Engineering also administers two regulatory programs delegated by NCDEQ including our Erosion Control program and our Stormwater NPDES program.

Access the City of Monroe Standard Specification and Detail Manual

To report the following concerns within City-maintained streets, sidewalks and right-of-ways, please call (704) 282-4515 or fill out the public issue form.

Verify whether your concern is on a City or State maintained location with our Monroe Powell Bill Map (PDF), our City Maintained Street List (Excel) or visit our Street page to learn more about Street Maintenance within the City.

  • mud in city streets
  • street drainage issues, such as broken or blocked stormwater pipes, or sink holes
  • potholes in public streets
  • illegal dumping, such as oil or debris, within the street right-of-ways
  • erosion or sedimentation in the streets or along streams or creeks
  • illicit discharge, such as broken pipes or dumping oil into storm drains
  • traffic concerns, including missing street signs, malfunctioning traffic signals, or speed cushion requests

To report issues on State streets including potholes, drainage issues, damaged streets signs, malfunctioning traffic signals on highways please call NCDOT at 1-877-368-4968 or submit online via their online request website.