Engineering Services

The Engineering Department provides civil infrastructure maintenance and development services to the City of Monroe. These services include review and inspection of new subdivisions, City mapping updates, stormwater management, and general maintenance within street right-of-ways. In addition to these ongoing services, the department also administers the municipal cemeteries, Watershed Protection Policy, Public Works improvement projects, and engineering support of City Utility & Public Safety departments.

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 The Standard Specification and Detail Manual

Frequently Reported Concerns            

Please call (704) 282-4515 or use the email link above to report concerns such as:

  • mud in city streets
  • drainage issues, such as broken or blocked pipes
  • pot holes in public streets
  • illegal dumping, such as oil or debris, within the street right-of-ways
  • erosion or sedimentation along streams or creeks
  • illicit discharge, such as broken pipes or dumping oil into storm drains
  • traffic concerns, including missing street signs, mal-functioning traffic signals, or speed cushion requests
  • any other engineering concern