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Union-Anson County Habitat for Humanity in partnership with the City of Monroe is soliciting bids for a street project in Monroe, NC to promote affordable housing.  The project is funded with HUD Community Development Block Grant Funds through the partnership with Union County.  This is a rebid and managed by Union-Anson County Habitat for Humanity, please email Mike Reece, Executive Director, at or call  (704) 254-3013 if you would like a bid package with the project manual and technical specifications.  This project is subject to Davis Bacon and all other related federal regulations.  Women, Minority, Disadvantaged, Disabled, Veterans owned companies are encouraged to participate in this process. 


As a participating community in the Union County Community Development Block Grant Program, we are pleased to provide you with the following link to apply for the Septic System Repair Program.  This program is made available through the consortium of cities and towns in Union County. 


Are you a homeowner and suffered financial losses or need urgent housing repairs?  We may be able to assist with foreclosure assistance and/or housing repairs. 

Please contact for more information.

City Sponsored Housing Programs



City of Monroe Downpayment Assistance Program

In partnership with the Monroe Union County Community Development Corporation (MUCCDC), the city offers several programs regarding affordable housing:  1) Down payment assistance for homeownership.  You must be income qualified, live in Monroe, or have employment in Monroe. 2) Housing of Urban Development Home and Credit Counseling Services 3) Fair Housing Counseling and Information.  Contact Isabel Gillespie,  Executive Director with the MUCCDC, or their offices for more information at (704) 283-8804.

Fair Housing is a right. Find out more information here:  KnowYourRights    Do you think you are a victim of predatory lending practices?  Find out more information here:  NC Predatory Lending Attorney General  Please contact the Monroe Union County Community Development Corporation at (704) 283-8804 for more information on Fair Housing and Lending.  

City of Monroe's Outside Agency Partnership

Every year, the City reaches out to find eligible partners to carry out needed services to the community that we are permitted to fund.  These services are an extension to existing services and/or new eligible services.   The outside agencies we fund in accordance with our policies and procedures provide homeless services, hospice, student school supplies/needs, food, art support, homeless sheltering, head start, services for the aged, educational enrichment tutoring, and health related services/support.    Our ourside agency partnerships include monetary, land/building leases, and land donations.   Please see the link Outside Agency Partnership Information.  If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Campo at  The city continues to support the use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds directly to public service agencies through Union County as Administrator.   This eliminates duplication of services and allows agencies to use federal assistance for eligible activities, thus providing local level funding to focus on identified needs in Monroe.  The following agencies received FY 2023 CDBG awards through the Urban County Award:  Turning Point Domestic Violence & Sexual Assualt Program, $44,000.; Union County Crisis Ministries Housing Stability Project, $38,264; Council on the Aging In Home Assistance for Seniors to Remain Independent, $60,000; and Common Heart Economic Empowerment & Development Program, $25,000.  The City of Monroe did not receive any passthrough CDBG funds for agencies or to support public services, directly.  In addition, the City's partnership in the East Village Housing Development with Union Anson County Habitat for Humanity was awarded $90,000 in CDBG funds. City general funds will be used as leveraging for the grant.  The project is located in the North Carolina Opportunity Zone in Monroe and will create two homeownership opportunities.  

Union County Community Development Block Grant Consortium

The City of Monroe is a partner in the Union County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Consortium, along with Marshville, Stallings, Waxhaw, Weddington, and Wingate.  You can read information here for the next fiscal year 2023 awards and annual allocation of $901,530, which includes the Jesse Helm Park improvements award and the Union County Wide Sewer Repair Project Model, which will provide assistance to approximately 6 low income homeowners countywide.  The comment period closed in June 2022, with the City submitting the following  public comments,    The City is committed to furthering fair housing and suppports the use of the CDBG funds for the Analysis of Impediments of Fair Housing Choice.  The City is a consortium partner for the Union County North Carolina 2022-2026 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program. Read more here.  CDBG funds are made available through the United States Housing and Development Program.    The following agencies are awarded CDBG Funds through the consortium and Monroe General funds:  Common Heart  $30,000 (CDBG), $10,000 (City of Monroe); Council on Aging Union County $64,482 (CDBG), $7,500 (City of Monroe); Turning Point, Inc. $35,000 (CDBG), $15,000 (City of Monroe).  

Home Ownership Resouces

Fair Housing Equal Housing logoHelp prevent identify theft and know what is on your credit report.  The federally-authorized site for consumers to obtain free credit reports from each of the three main reporting agencies is   can pace your requests, as you do not need to request all at one time. 

North Carolina Housing Finance Agency provides qualified individuals with stable, fixed rate mortgages, and down payment assistance up to 5% of the loan.  Also, $8,000 in down payment assistance option.   NC Home Advantage Mortgage  Your lender may already be a partner; check here:  NCHFA Lender Partners

Bank of America has several down payment options for first time homeowners that includes closing costs. These programs may be available to partner with other lenders. Find out more information here:  BOA Homebuyer Assistance Programs.   

First Bank Mortgage initiative assists in gap funding for low to moderate income individuals with a 2% loan. Find out more information here:  First Bank   Contact the Union Anson County Habitat for Humanity to see how you may benefit at (704) 289-6069.

Fifth Third's Bank offers a Down Payment Assistance Program of up to $3,600.00.  See information here:  5/3 DPA

Self Help Credit Union provides lending opportunities in the support of affordable housing. More information can be found here:  SHCU Lending that Boosts Homeownership

Community Development Committees Updates AND Public Private Partnerships

Community Development continues to seek volunteers and partners for community projects.  If your group, business, agency, church, or team is interested, we can meet to explore how we can work together to forward Monroe. Please contact Teresa Campo at (704) 282-4526 or email to discuss. 

This section is reserved to thank our partners, who have been instrumental in the formation and continuation of projects throughout our cityTeresa Campo Teresa Vincenty Campo City of Monroe North Carolina Community DevelopmentMembers include a diverse group of non profits, community leaders, service providers, government leaders, and businesses volunteering their time and resources to build a sustainable community that is inclusive of all of our citizens.    Community Development would not be possible without you, we appreciate you, Teresa.   

South Piedmont Community College, Union Anson County Habitat for Humanity; Monroe Union County Community Development Corporation; Union County Board of Realtors Member (Mary Ross Real Estate); Union County NC Crisis Assistance Ministry;  Union County Community Shelter; Winchester Neighborhood Association; Council on Aging in Union County; Union County Chamber of Commerce; Shepherd's Place Children's Home; Iglesia de Dios Nueva Viva; Shining Light Baptist Church; Benton Heights Presbyterian Church; Sutton Park Neighborhood Association;  The ARC of Union County; NC Works Green Center, Monroe: Core HR Consulting; The Alliance for Children; Mount Calvary AMEZion Church; Paradise Height Community Members; Transforming Youth Movement;  Waste Pro; Monroe Housing Authority; South Piedmont Community College; Union County Department of Human Services; UNCC Urban Institute; and a continuing partnership with various City, State, and County Government Departments.   

Community Development Projects

Are you an employee for the City of Monroe's Police or Fire Department? We are looking to develop a three bedroom, two bath homeownership opportunity for you.   Down payment assistance is also available.  Contact for more information.

The City's Landbank is continuing to seek land donations and/or purchases for furthering affordable housing and economic vitality developoment initiatives.  Please contact Teresa Campo 704/282-4526 if you have comments, suggestions, or interest in participating.

Are you a nonprofit housing developer? We may be able to assist with permit and other related utility fees.  Contact Teresa Campo at 704/282-4526.

Concord Avenue Master Plan

Concord Avenue Overlay District Beautification Project   Donated by Gus and Liz Mihelakis. The parcel from Patton Avenue/Concord Avenue/Secrest Shortcut Road is the target area.  We are looking forward to developing the greenspace in the Concord Avenue Overlay. The topography survey is complete and we are prepared to begin the process road closure for greenspace improvements.   We hope that you are enjoying the walking spaces of the sidewalk installation made possible through the Community Development Block GrantsWe appreciate your positive comments and please continue to enjoy the walking spaces.  For more information regarding future enhancements, a link to the Concord Avenue Area Master Plan can be found here.  

Partner News

NC Works Career Center located at 1125 Skyway Drive, Monroe, NC, (704-283-7541 or register online here, it is a valuable resource for jobs, job training, job fairs, financial assistance, overcoming barriers, networking possibilities, scholarships.  It is free to register and receive services.  Also, if you are a student at community college and are have financial barriers in finishing your education, contact your financial aid office regarding the $1000 grant made available for students to use (grants are payable to the vendor, not student) and can be used for transportation repairs, daycare, rent, utlities, equipment, and other eligible expenses.   South Piedmont Community College is looking for volunteers to start providing literacy services to adult learners contact Kristi Phifer at  Did you know that the inability to read prevents people from accessing critical needs including medical care, as the application can be a barrier?

Census 2020 Finalized  

According to the published 2020 published census, Monroe population count based on the April 2020 Census is 34,562.   Union County experienced a rapid population growth at 14.47%.  More information regarding the population count can be found here:  City of Monroe 2020 Census Count     The State Profile for Population and Housing  The 2020 Census is in the appeal stage and we do not anticipate a change in the cities count..

We value our community partners! Special thanks to those who give back to our community to help others.  Please thank these businesses with your patronage and your appreciation:

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