Ordinances, Regulations and Adopted Plans


Unified Development Ordinance - The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) governs land use and development throughout the City of Monroe planning jurisdiction. The UDO was adopted December 16, 2003, but has been amended over the years to provide revisions and new provisions. Please contact staff to confirm recent revisions to the ordinance.

Unified Development Ordinance (effective Dec. 16, 2003) - link will redirect you to American Legal Publishing Corporation

The City is working on updating our Unified Development Ordinance! To follow the project, please visit http://www.forwardmonroe.com/.  You can also sign up to receive emails as the project progresses at this site.

Concord Avenue Overlay District Ordinance (effective May 2, 2017)



Historic District Standards- The Historic District Guidelines were adopted in September 2019. In August 2021, the Historic District readopted the The Design Standards in order to comply with Chapter 160D of the North Carolina General Statutes with an effective date of August 10, 2021. The Standards are used by the Historic District Commission in reviewing the appropriateness of proposed changes in the South Monroe Historic District. 

Historic District Standards



Future Land Use Plan and Transportation Plan- (adopted 2018)
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Forward Monroe is the city’s blueprint for development, its growth strategy, and the foundation upon which future land use and transportation decisions will be based. The plan responds to existing challenges, anticipates future needs, and prepares the community to accommodate future growth. The plan will guide future city-wide plans, small area plans, land development regulations, capital projects, and other programs and services.

Concord Avenue Area Master Plan
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The purpose and intent of the Concord Avenue Area Master Plan is to improve the aesthetics, safety, viability, and appeal of the Kerr Street area through a comprehensive small-area redevelopment plan.

The goals of the project include developing new and improved housing stock, creating economic development and employment opportunities, revitalizing properties to create an attractive entrance to Monroe, and establishing a catalyst area for improvement.

Special objectives of the plan include:
1. Developing a plan that addresses urban design, future land uses, aesthetics, and transportation that would reflect the vision of the community and drive a positive image for the area.
2. Developing a plan to serve as a gateway node for downtown Monroe and a catalyst for future projects.
3. Developing an action/ implementation plan that will provide implementation strategies, including a list of catalyst projects, phasing plans, available funding sources, and agencies responsible for implementing the vision

Downtown Master Plan
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Downtown Master Plan Summary Poster

The Downtown Master Plan was adopted in February 2008 and reflects a vision for a place where people live, work, and play and where restaurants, entertainment venues and shops enliven a safe city core.  The purpose is to serve as a guide for future development in the downtown area, counteract the impact of lost retail, revitalize the historic core, and make Downtown Monroe an exciting destination.

Downtown Master Plan Maps
Context Map
Study Area Map
Assets Map
Block Pattern Map
Existing Land Use Map
Transportation Map
Transportation Map 2
Open Space and Greenways
Future Land Use Map