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Historical Facts

  • Since January of 1900, the City of Monroe Energy Services Department has provided residents in and around the City with electric services from small residential lighting loads to large industrial loads.

  • In January 2006 we added our 10,000th customer.

  • The City of Monroe provides electric services to customers in and around Monroe through the operation and maintenance of six distribution substations, 296 miles of line operating at  7,620/13,200 volts, and 19,920/34,500 volts and 19.5 miles of line operating at 57,740/100,000 volts, with peak loads of 134 megawatts generally occurring in summer months.

  • We are a member of NCMPA#1, a power generation and transmission agency, in which we share a percentage of ownership of the Catawba Nuclear Power Plant.

  • The City of Monroe’s electrical department has achieved the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) designation as an RP3 city. RP3 stands for Reliable Public Power Provider.

The Value of Public Power

As a public power community, sustainable energy stands alongside other important priorities. We remain committed to providing safe, reliable, and affordable power.

  • The City of Monroe is focused on the community’s growth and economic development. Being a public power community means we can invest directly back into our city.

  • Public power communities contribute on average 33% more to state and local governments than for-profit utilities (Source: APPA).

  • Maintaining affordable rates while providing sustainable, reliable energy to customers is a top priority.

  • As a public power community, the City of Monroe isn’t beholden to shareholders. We are accountable directly to our community — our fellow neighbors right here in Monroe.

  • With a reliability rating of 99.98%, public power is there when you need it.

  • Public power customers in North Carolina enjoy 40% fewer outages than other power providers’ customers. And when the power does go out, the outage lasts, on average, only about one-third the time of other providers (Source: EIA). 

Sustainable Energy

The City of Monroe provides electric customers with sustainable energy that is generated from only about 2% fossil fuels. As a public power community, we are proud to help lead the way toward a sustainable future.

  • Only 1.55% of our energy comes from fossil fuels. While many surrounding non-public power communities get about 40% of their electricity from pollution-emitting sources, including about 25% from coal, our energy resources are nearly emissions free (Source: EIA).

  • Energy resources: The City of Monroe and 18 other North Carolina public power communities receive energy from the North Carolina Municipal Power Agency Number 1 (NCMPA1). NCMPA1 owns 75% of a generating unit at the Catawba Nuclear Station, which provides over 90% of the NCMPA1 energy needs. As a result, about 98.45% of Monroe's electricity comes from emissions-free generation sources. NCMPA1 also buys renewable energy on behalf of its customers.

  • Renewables: Through NCMPA1, Monroe purchases renewable generation as a part of the state’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard program. In North Carolina, renewable energy purchases must total at least 10% of total electric load for community-owned utilities.

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