Water & Sewer


We the employees of the Water Resources Department are dedicated to providing friendly, efficient, and cost-effective water and wastewater services to the citizens of Monroe. We will continuously strive for innovation and improvement in the way we do business.


Customer Service and Billing                               (704) 282-4511
       New/existing account information, water usage and billing or to make a payment

Water Resources                                                       (704) 282-4601
       To report water leaks, sewer blockage or hydrant tampering


2020 Wastewater system report

Protecting the environment is a top priority for the City of Monroe Water Resources Department.  We are pleased to present our annual Wastewater System Report.  This report provides an overview of our wastewater system performance.  We are committed to providing quality wastewater services to our customers in an environmentally-conscious and cost-effective way.  For additional information click on the link FY 2020 City of Monroe Wastewater System Report.

duckweed and other unwanted vegetation on city lakes

City of Monroe lakes are experiencing an unusually high amount of Duckweed.  Duckweed is a small flowering plant that consists of a single flat oval leaf that floats on the surface of the water.  Abundant growth in caused by higher levels of nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) in the water.  These nutrients come from rainfall runoff (stormwater pollution) generated by agricultural land, lawns, and other urban sources.  Duckweed is primarily an aesthetic issue and poses not health threat to people or pets.  The City is work to develop an effective means of removing the duckweed.  For more information on causes, treatment and the City's plan for handling by clicking on the link FAQ Duckweed on City Lakes.  

Seasonal opening of city lakes

Due to staffing issues, Lake Monroe will be closed until further notice.  Lake Lee and Lake Twitty are open as scheduled.  Hours of operation are generally sunrise to sunset and can be confirmed by checking the Lake Inspector stations at each lake or by clicking on the link Lake Hours of Operation.  No activities are allowed on the lakes except for boating and fishing during the hours of operations and when an inspector is on duty. 


south hayne street - water service improvements

The City of Monroe Construction Division will be replacing approximately 7 water service connections along South Hayne Street between Robin Street and Church Street.  This improvement will enhance water service to customers in this area.  Construction activities are expected to start on September 14, 2020 and end by September 25, 2020.  Temporary lane and road closures may be necessary within the project limits with the exception to local residents and emergency service vehicles.  Normal collection of garbage and residential/commercial deliveries will be provided access.  There may be short interruptions to water service during the service tie overs.  The City will make every effort to notify customers in advance.

South Bragg Street - Water Resources Utility Improvement

The City of Monroe has contracted with Atlantic Coast Contracting, Inc. for the replacement of approximately 1,910 linear feet of existing 6-inch cast iron water main on S. Bragg St. between Sycamore St. and Griffith Rd. The improvement will enhance water service to customers in this area. Construction activities are scheduled to start on July 29, 2020 and are anticipated to conclude by September 30, 2020.  Temporary road closures will be necessary within the project limits between the hours of 8AM-5PM, Monday-Friday.  Therefore, it is suggested that alternate routes be considered. Emergency service vehicle access will be provided at all times. Normal collection of garbage and residential/commercial deliveries will be provided access.  There may be a short term interruption to water service during construction of the new water main and transfer of services and the City will make every effort to notify customers in advance.