Water & Sewer


We the employees of the Water Resources Department are dedicated to providing friendly, efficient, and cost-effective water and wastewater services to the citizens of Monroe. We will continuously strive for
innovation and improvement in the way we do business.


Customer Service and Billing                               (704) 282-4511
       New/existing account information, water usage and billing or to make a payment

Water Resources                                                       (704) 282-4601
       To report water leaks, sewer blockage or hydrant tampering


Lake Opening

The City of Monroe Water Resources Department has announced the opening schedule for the city lakes. Lake Lee, Lake Twitty and Lake Monroe are scheduled to open on Friday, March 1st.  The open season runs from March 1, 2024 to approximately November 1, 2024.  Hours of operations are generally sunrise to sunset and can be confirmed by checking with the Lake Inspector stations at each lake or by checking our Webpage at http://water.monroenc.org/, then select Lake Hours of Operations. No activities are allowed on the lakes except for boating and fishing during the hours of operation and when an inspector is on duty.  The November closing date may be adjusted due to weather and other factors and will be announced approximately two weeks before the lakes close.  The operation of the City lakes is governed by City and State regulations.  The City must comply with North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s drinking water regulations in operating the lakes since they are classified for use as a drinking water supply source.  If you have questions regarding the regulations governing the use of the lakes, please contact the Water Resource Department at 704-282-4601. 


Sewer Pipe Bursting Projects

The City of Monroe Water Resources Department will be conducting sewer pipe bursting beginning February 20, 2024 and continuing until mid-June 2024.  The locations impacted will include Parker Street, Bay Street, Bickett Street, Crescent Street, Ridgewood Drive, and Falling Tree Lane.   Pipe Bursting is an innovative technology where a new pipe can be installed within the old pipe, service laterals, and other system components.  Repairing defects and replacing older pipe during this process protects the sewer system from excessive rainfall intrusion (inflow and infiltration), thereby preventing sewer overflows and overloading at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. During each pipe bursting operation, uniformed Water Resources Department staff members are present and available to answer any questions.  There is typically no risk or impact to homes or businesses, and if you have any questions please ask one of the crew members onsite in the area.   According to Scott Clark, Monroe’s Water Resources Director, pipe bursting is cost saving trenchless technology that replaces older sewer system infrastructures. 

Sanitary Sewer Projects

The Water Resources Department will be replacing sanitary sewer mains in the street right-of-way on the following streets:

Riggins Street
Warren Street
King Street from Cherry Street to Skyway Drive
Winchester Avenue from Beard Street to Hill Street
Winchester Avenue from Stafford Street to Hill Street

Weather permitting, work will begin Monday, January 8, 2024 and will take approximately ten weeks to complete.  Temporary road closures will be necessary within the project limits.  Therefore, it is suggested that alternate routes be considered.  Emergency service vehicle access will be provided at all times.  Normal collection of garbage and residential/commercial deliveries will be provided access.  All damaged/disturbed items will be restored or replaced at the end of the project. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience experienced during construction.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Equilization Basin Project

The Water Resources Department is beginning construction work on a 15 million gallon flow equalization basin at the City Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).  The project is located adjacent to the WWTP at 775 Treeway Drive.  This improvement project will allow the WWTP to safely and efficiently handle fluctuating wastewater flows that enter the plant, and is imperative to the future economic growth and development of the City.  The project was designed by Hazen and Sawyer Engineering and City staff, and underwent extensive permitting with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.  Based on formal bidding of the project, the City awarded a contract in the amount of $5,017,532 to local contractor Dellinger Incorporated.  The contract calls for the project to be completed in 390 days.