Water & Sewer


We the employees of the Water Resources Department are dedicated to providing friendly, efficient, and cost-effective water and wastewater services to the citizens of Monroe. We will continuously strive for innovation and improvement in the way we do business.


Customer Service and Billing                               (704) 282-4511
       New/existing account information, water usage and billing or to make a payment

Water Resources                                                       (704) 282-4601
       To report water leaks, sewer blockage or hydrant tampering



The City of Monroe Water Resources Department has announced the opening schedule for the city lakes.  Lake Lee, Lake Twitty and Lake Monroe are scheduled to open on Friday, March 1, 2019.  Hours of operation can be found by contacting the lake inspector t each lake or by checking the Lake Information.   The level at Lake Lee is approximately 30 inches below normal due to damage on the flashboard system.  Until repairs can be completed, boaters should use caution when operating on the lake.  Boating conditions may be hazardous due to submerged and floating debris. 

The repairs to the damaged Lake Lee dam flashboard system and associated log/debris catcher, caused during Hurricane Florence are being coordinated with FEMA.  The City is working with engineers to design a new heavy-duty log/debris catcher system, award contracts for construction and installation in April, and complete the project by July/August.


The City of Monroe, on March 31st will complete the annual drinking water treatment process change using chlorine that began on February 25th.  The City of Monroe will convert back to the practice of "chloramination" to disinfect the drinking water.  As a result of this change, during the month of March customers may have noticed a slightly different taste to their water.  Some discoloration of the water may have also occurred since fire hydrants are flushed during the treatment change.  As part of the operating permit issued by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, municipal systems using chloramines for water disinfection must revert to using only chlorine once per year to ensure good overall water quality in the water distribution piping systems. 

The City's program to ensure quality drinking water to customers is much broader than just the annual chlorine process change.  Water delivered to customers must go through a rigorous treatment and sampling process, and exceed all federal and state standards before it can be served to the public.  Anyone interested in touring the City's John Glen Water Treatment Plant to see how the drinking water for Monroe is treated can contact the City of Monroe Water Resources Department at 704-282-4601.  The important message to Monroe water customers is that their drinking water is safe to drink at all times.


East Franklin Street Water Main Replacement Project

The City of Monroe has contracted with Classic City Mechanical for the replacement of approximately 6,500 linear feet of existing 6-inch cast iron water main on East Franklin Street between East Sunset Drive and 5 Points Intersection.  Construction activities are scheduled to start on January 22, 2019 and anticipated to conclude on September 15, 2019.  The water main will be installed in 4 phases with a separate traffic control plan associated with each phase.  For more details on the traffic control plan click on the link below to view the area map.
 East Sunset Drive to Circle Drive - auxiliary lane (turning) and outbound lane (towards Hwy 74) will be closed.  Inbound lane (towards downtown) will remain open to traffic.
 Circle Drive to Thompson Street - auxiliary lane (turning) and outbound lane (towards Hwy 74) will be closed.  Inbound lane (towards downtown) will remain open to traffic.
Thompson Street to Morgan Mill Road - auxiliary lane (turning) and outbound lane (towards Hwy 74) will be closed.  Inbound lane (towards downtown) will remain open to traffic.
Morgan Mill Road to 5 Points Intersection - auxiliary lane (turning) and inbound lane (towards downtown) will be closed.  Outbound lane (towards Hwy 74) will remain open to traffic.

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences experienced during our construction.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the City of Monroe Water Resources Department at 704-282-4601.