Water & Sewer


We the employees of the Water Resources Department are dedicated to providing friendly, efficient, and cost-effective water and wastewater services to the citizens of Monroe. We will continuously strive for innovation and improvement in the way we do business.


Customer Service and Billing                               (704) 282-4511
       New/existing account information, water usage and billing or to make a payment

Water Resources                                                       (704) 282-4601
       To report water leaks, sewer blockage or hydrant tampering


Lake Opening 2018

The City of Monroe Water Resources Department has announced the opening scheduled for the city lakes.  Lake Lee, Lake Twitty and Lake Monroe are scheduled to open on Thursday, March 1.  The open season will begin March 1, 2018.  Hours of operation are generally sunrise to sunset and can be confirmed by checking with the lake inspector stations at each lake.  No activities are allowed on the lakes except for boating and fishing during the hours of operation and when an inspector is on duty. 

The operation of the City lakes is governed by city and state regulations.  The City must comply with North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality's drinking water regulations in operating the lakes since they are classified for use as a drinking water supply source.  For more information on hours of operation and fees please visit Lakes and Vegetative Buffers.

Wood Duck Point on Twitty