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IA Complaint Analysis Summary 2022
The purpose of this report is to analyze and summarize the citizen complaints against officers as well as internal complaints.  A total of 14 complaints were filed during the 2022 calendar year involving 13 officers.  Nine complaints were received from outside the department during this period.  The investigations initiated by the Monroe Police Department totaled five.  The complaints received were on 13 full-time sworn officers as follows: three sergeants and 10 patrol officers.

Breakdown of complaints by type and finding:
Conduct Standards:  9 
Exonerated:  0    Substantiated: 4       Unable to Verify:  1       Unfounded:  4

Policy Violations:  5   
Exonerated:  0    Substantiated:  3      Unable to Verify:  0       Unfounded:  2

Explanation of complaint dispositions:
Exonerated:  The act which provided the basis for the complaint or allegation occurred; however, investigation revealed that they were justified, lawful and proper.
Substantiated:  The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove clearly the allegation made in the complaint.
Unfounded:  The allegation is false.  The alleged incident never took place.
Unable to Verify:  The investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to prove the allegation made in the complaint.

Complaint Resolution Time:
Complaint resolution time is the time that it takes to investigate the complaint.  It is measured with the starting day as being the date reported; the date the investigator and the involved member are notified of the complaint/investigation.  The ending date is the date that the complainant notification is mailed.

Complaint Resolution Time:
Longest                    62 days
Shortest                    6 days
Average                  19.5 days

The goal of these investigations is to produce a thorough analysis of each incident in an expeditious fashion to allay the concerns of the citizen complainant and also to correct any identified deficiencies on the part of our members.  The resolution period of 30 days has been set as a goal for investigators handling these complaints.  If the complaint cannot be handled within that time period, a request for extension must be made and authorized by the Chief of Police. 

Three IA cases went beyond the 30-day time period.  The longest resolution of a complaint was 62 days.  In this case, we received an internal complaint from a former employee alleging harassment and sexual harassment.  The former employee initially gave their statement to a Captain.  This investigation was handled by an outside investigations firm and the Chief of Police was kept informed on the progress of this investigation as it progressed.  Additionally, any requests for extensions were approved by the Chief.

The second longest resolution of a complaint was 33 days.  This case involved a piece of equipment that was lost/misplaced.  The delay was related to various attempts to locate the equipment.  The Chief of Police was informed on the progression of the investigation.

All other investigations were completed within the 30-day goal and no extensions were necessary. 

Calls for Service and Population to Complaint Ratio:
CY – 2022 Calls for Service               62,649
CY – 2022 Complaints                               14
Call to Complaint Ratio                      4,474:1

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