Natural Gas

Historical Facts

  • Since 1957, the City of Monroe Energy Services Department has provided residents in and around the City with natural gas services from small space heaters to industrial loads of 1000’s of Dt’s (dekatherms) per day.

  • Today, we provide natural gas services to approximately 11,000 customers in and around Monroe including Wingate, Marshville, Unionville, and parts of central Union County.

  • We operate and maintain 468 miles of main line and 43 miles of transmission. 

  • We are one of only eight cities in North Carolina providing natural gas service.


The City of Monroe Natural Gas Department personnel strive to operate the gas system with an emphasis on safety. Every day, natural gas pipelines safely carry one of the world’s most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly fuels to businesses and homes.  As one of the many people who live or work near our natural gas system, you can help us keep the gas system operating safely.

Click here to learn more about Natural Gas Safety and Public Awareness

Should you have a Natural Gas Emergency please call (704) 282-4600. If the smell of gas is strong, call 911 immediately.

Natural Gas Market Pricing (1/1/2022)

Please note that there has been a significant increase in market natural gas pricing.  This may result in higher utility bills.

Natural gas pricing has been at all-time historic lows from 2015 – 2020.  In November 2021, the City’s natural gas market pricing for purchases increased 118% over November 2020.  Therefore, the City’s natural gas rates have increased to account for the increased cost.    

The City of Monroe calculates the natural gas rates on a monthly basis.  This allows for the City to accurately adjust for market pricing of natural gas purchases.  Other natural gas companies calculate rates less frequently and this causes significant adjustments in customer rates to correct for over or under collecting compared to market purchases.    

The City has taken several measures to reduce the impact of natural gas market pricing on our customers.  In 2021, 47% of the City’s natural gas was purchased at discounted rates through a long term prepay agreement.  This agreement, combined with increasing numbers of natural gas customers and fiscally responsible operation of the City’s gas system, has limited the increase in rates as much as possible.

We anticipate this trend to continue through the winter and for the foreseeable future. 

Convert to Natural Gas

Once you have determined that natural gas is available to your location and you’re interested in converting to natural gas, please follow the steps in the Convert to Natural Gas form (below) and contact us at (704) 282-4600 should you have any questions.


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