Knox Box/Address Sign

Knox Box device

Knox Box devices are purchased by businesses and industries in the City of Monroe in order to give Monroe Fire Department emergency responders rapid entry into their property. With one Knox master key, buildings, businesses, gated complexes, and even homes are immediately accessible to authorized personnel from the Monroe Fire Department.

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What is a KNOX BOX system? It’s a high-security box system designed to give firefighters and emergency services immediate access to locked buildings, elevators, and other secured areas.

Why install a KNOX BOX? Installation of a KNOX BOX on your property will not only allow firefighters faster access in case of an emergency but will also prevent expensive forcible entry should emergency services be required while the premises are unoccupied. Costly front doors and entry ways needn’t be harmed if entry keys are available on-site!

How does the KNOX BOX system work? Following your purchase of a KNOX BOX from the factory, you will mount it securely on the exterior of your building; attractive recessed-mount models are available. All necessary access keys will be locked inside by a representative of the fire department; only the fire department’s master key can open the box. The KNOX BOX gives the fire department a simple alternative to expensive, time-consuming forcible entry.

How secure is a KNOX BOX system? Security has always been a KNOX strong point. Designed for maximum protection, each virtually indestructible box features a special high-security Medeco lock and key. This Medeco restricted locking system guards against unauthorized key duplication. Keys aren’t even available to locksmiths or lock distributors -- only The KNOX Company can supply these keys! The KNOX BOX system offers maximum security at every step. The department has an exclusive key code. All KNOX BOX stations in that city are keyed alike, and only the fire department has master keys.

Who can authorize a KNOX BOX system? Strict security control is maintained by allowing only fire departments to authorize the purchase of each KNOX BOX. An authorized fire department official, whose signature is on file at the factory, must approve the order. After verifying the signature, the Knox box is shipped directly to you. Each KNOX BOX is shipped without keys, locked in an open position, and ready for mounting.

How is a KNOX BOX installed? Each KNOX BOX is shipped with complete mounting instructions; however, your fire department will assist you in choosing a proper location for mounting. After installation is completed, the fire department will conduct an inspection of the installation and lock building keys inside the box. As soon as building keys are locked inside the box, it is ready to provide immediate access to emergency personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Address Signs

Monroe Fire Department offers reflective address signs. These signs can easily be seen from a great distance, day or night. These signs are $8.00 for the sign only and $12.00 for the sign and post. We can install signs for city residents, but these are available for purchase to anyone interested.

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