The City of Monroe is currently divided into six fire station districts.  There are also a fire administration office and a fire training facility.

Station 1               Monroe Fire Station 1

This station is located just underneath City Hall.  This location was opened in 1974 and houses Engine 1, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Medic 1, and Battalion 1.  A total of nine operations personnnel are assigned to this station.  Station 1's response area includes Historic Downtown Monroe, CSX Railyard, and Goulston Technologies.  Station 1 also serves as a permanent Child Passenger Seat Checking Station.

Map of Fire Station 1 District

Station 2Monroe Fire Station 2

This location was opened in 1968.  It houses Quint 2 and Medic 2 and is the department's swift-water rescue station.  A total of four operations personnel work form this station.  Station 2 covers businesses such as the hospital, Tyson, ATI, and Metal Recyclers.


Map of Fire Station 2 District

Station 3                                                Monroe Fire Station 3

This station opened in 1983.  It houses Engine 3 and Medic 3.  A total of four operations personnel per shift work from this station.  Station 3 area serves the main Hwy 74 corridor.  It is also our can drop-off location for the Union County Burned Children's Fund Save Cans Save Kids.

Map of Fire Station 3 District

Station 4                                                   Monroe Fire Station 4

This station opened in 2002, and a new station building was completed in 2016.  Here Quint 4, ARFF/Medic 4, Blaze 4, Reserve Engine, and a rescue ATV are housed.  A total of four operations personnel per shift work at this station.  Station 4's  response area includes businesses such as Charlotte Pipe, Scott Safety, and Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport.  Station 4 also serves as a Child Passenger Permanent Seat Checking Station.

Map of Station 4 District

Station 5                                                                 Monroe Fire Station 5

This original station was purchased from Crestview/Unionville Volunteer Fire Department in 2003.  A full construction renovation was completed in 2006.  A total of four operations personnel per shift work from this station.  This station serves as the department's hazmat response station.  It houses Engine 5, Hazmat 5, Hazmat 55, Medic/Brush 5, and Reserve Apparatus.  It is located on Hwy 601 North.Map of Fire Station 5 District

Station 6

This station open September 2nd, 2023.  The station serves the upper northwest portion of the City of Monroe.  It is a temporary house with the anticipation of a brand new facility being built within the next few years.