2020 Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show Tickets

2020 tickets are currently available!

Air Show Poster

General Admission tickets for the event are $15 for adults, $10 for youth ages 12- 18, and $5 for current and former military service men and women. Children under 12 are FREE.

Advance ticket sales online will allow guests to purchase tickets at a discounted rate and have quicker admission through the gates.
Advance ticket sale ordering and options can be found by clicking the link below:




Box seat optionsWant an Up-Close, No-Worry Experience?

Once again, limited box seat options will be available both Saturday and Sunday. Box seats come with reserved seating directly on the flight line. We have worked out a few kinks from last year to allow the best access and functionality. Leave your chairs at home, and come and go throughout the show without having to worry about your seat. https://www.eventsprout.com/event/warbirds-over-monroe-air-show


For group ticket questions, please email anichols@monroenc.org or phovanec@monroenc.org.