Public Education

Educating our community about what stormwater runoff is, how it becomes polluted, and ways to prevent stormwater pollution is an integral part of limiting non-point source pollution in our local creeks, streams and lakes. Our Engineering staff interacts with the community through classroom programs, presentations for local groups and clubs, booths at festivals, informative social media posts and provides educational materials to help convey how we can minimize the impact we have on our environment and improve water quality.

For additional information about our educational programs, please view our Environmental Education Program flyer (PDF). Presentations are free for City of Monroe students and citizen groups of all ages. Each presentation is modified to the appropriate age level and can be tailored to fit into curriculum that is related to stormwater runoff or water quality. To schedule a presentation or invite us to table at your event, please contact the City’s Environmental Educator by phone at (704) 282-4538 or by email at There is no cost to you to take advantage of our environmental education programs!

In addition to our educational programs, the City of Monroe organizes the following stormwater volunteer programs for school groups, classes, civic groups and clubs: Adopt-A-Stream, Storm Drain Marking, and Water Quality Monitoring. To learn more please visit our Public Involvement page.


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