Fee schedule increases graphic

City Council adopted the 2024-2025 Fee Schedule at its Regular Meeting on May 14, 2024 which will take effect on July 1, 2024. 

Here is the new 2024-2025 fee schedule (PDF)

The following are some notable changes to the fee schedule: 


Some residential construction and flat rates, including the building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing trades are increasing. These fee adjustments are necessary to cover the rising costs for fuel, vehicle operations and maintenance, tools, safety equipment, and other supplies. 

Permit Fees are increased nominally; including: ABC License Inspection, Change of Occupancy Permit (Change of Use), Day Care Therapeutic Home and Group Home Inspections, Signs, Dock or Pier, Roof Covering - Replacement (shingles, rubber roof, etc.), and Kiosk. The minimum fee for any permit is increased to $75 for Residential and $150 for Commercial. The administration fees for Nuisance Abatement and Minimum Housing Abatement is increasing. Please also note the changes to fees that will be charged for permits that are allowed to expire. Please note the fees that are expiring effective July 1.  Additionally, The City Council has eliminated the Carbon Monoxide Detector Late Fee and the fee for Lot Clearing and Mowing.


The Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport (EQY) is a public enterprise of the City of Monroe is dependent upon revenues generated by airport operations to fund its operations. The revisions to the fee schedule are based on revenues required to cover basic airport operation expenses. 

The bulk hanger aircraft storage rate will be $1.50 per square foot of storage space allocated per month based on the size of the aircraft effective for new customers. For existing customers, this rate will be phased in evenly over a 10-year period combined with a three percent (3%) increase beginning in FY 2026-27. Other hangar, tie down and line service fees are increasing, and an Airport Development Fee (new account/change of account) has been created. 

Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport was recently recognized by the North Carolina Division of Aviation as ranking 2nd highest among all general aviation airports in North Carolina for the number of aircraft operations. As the City works to improve the value of EQY, here are a few improvements and additions that are occurring: FAA Air Traffic Control Tower (site analysis underway), obstruction removal (trees) and additional security fencing, airfield safety and security analysis, taxiway and runway asphalt sealing and restriping, additional full-time line staff for safely marshaling aircraft, new golf carts to transport pilots and passengers to their aircraft, updated main terminal, and new AVGAS and Jet–A fuel trucks for full-service fueling. 


The City of Monroe’s electric rates have remained consistent since 2018, and this year is no exception with the renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) rider decreasing $0.02 per residential account. 

The REPS charge is collected for the expressed purpose of enabling the City to meet its Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards compliance obligations as required by the North Carolina General Assembly in its Senate Bill 3 ratified on August 2, 2007. The REPS charges are decreasing for residential and commercial customers. These are pass through charges from the NCMPA1 Power Agency. 


The Street Cleaning/Street Division’s street sweeping fee and mobilization fee for cleaning and flushing of City-maintained streets are increasing to cover the actual cost to perform the work. There is no effect on revenue for the updated fees for cleaning, flushing & street sweeping of City-maintained streets. A fee increase should impact revenues and receipts.


The City of Monroe has contracted with Waste Pro to offer weekly garbage, bulk and yard waste service, along with free e-waste pickup and recycling collected every other week. Solid waste collection fees are increasing by $3 per month to cover the cost of services for landfill contracts. Additionally, the Solid Waste Section 3 Miscellaneous Fees have been eliminated. 


The water and sewer rates are increasing by 5%; this is on average an increase of $1.47 per month for water and $2.00 per month for sewer for customers.  Water Resources Department is dedicated to providing high quality, efficient and cost-effective water and wastewater services to the residents of Monroe. To maintain the level of service to our customers and make critical investments for the future, Water Resources practices a uniform annual increase. 

Additionally, non-construction fees are increasing by 2.77%, based upon the consumer price index (US Bureau of Labor, South Urban region), and construction related fees including capacity fees by 3.29% based upon the construction cost index (Engineering News Record statistics).