Sanitary Sewer Spill Notice

The City of Monroe Water Resources Department responded to a sanitary sewer spill on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. The spill was coming from a sewer manhole located in the 1100 block of Curtis Street. The spill was caused by debris in the line (rags and wipes). There is no risk to the City water supply.

The following spill was reported to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality on February 21, 2024:





1100 Blk Curtis Street

Debris in the line

1,500 gallons

Storm drainage ditch that leads
to Richardson Creek

State regulations require that any spill of untreated wastewater greater than 1,000 gallons be reported to the NC Department of Environmental Quality within 24 hours, and that information be broadcast to all electronic and print media covering the county where the spill occurred.

Citizens are asked to report any suspected sanitary sewer overflow or problem to the City’s Water Resources Department at (704) 282-4601.