The City of Monroe Water Resources Department offers a bulk water sales program to provide service to individuals and contractors while ensuring protection of water quality in the City’s water system. The “self-service” bulk water fill station is located at the City Operations Center, 2401 Walkup Avenue. An individual or contractor can obtain water at this site 24 hours per day and will be charged a minimum monthly fee plus a usage charge for the amount of metered water used. This site has a water meter connected to a fire hydrant and features a back flow protection device to protect water quality in the water system.

“One of the biggest concerns we have related to unauthorized connections to a fire hydrant or other water system feature is the public health risk that could occur. For example, if a hose from a tank truck connects to a fire hydrant or water service without a back flow device, a cross connection could occur and the contents from the truck could flow directly into the City’s water supply if system pressure dropped,” said Russell Colbath, Director of Water Resources.

The City maintains a Water Distribution Ordinance to address the taking of water from “unauthorized” points of connection. Any customer or outside party who makes an unauthorized connection to the City’s water system will be subject to civil penalties set forth in this Ordinance. The first offense for unauthorized water use would result in a fine of $100, the second $200, and the third offense $500.

"Unfortunately, the City has had numerous incidents of unauthorized water system use. We have been and will continue to be very diligent about stopping this activity and the potential risks that it creates for our customers,” stated Colbath.

With a convenient location offered for bulk water delivery, contractors and individuals have a cost-effective way to obtain bulk water to meet their needs. There should be no reason for anyone needing water service to connect illegally to the water system. If you have questions or want more information regarding bulk water service, please call (704) 282-4601.

Additionally, Union County offers multiple locations for bulk water with proper permitting and with proper metering. A full list of locations can be obtained by contacting Union County at (704) 296-4210.