On behalf of the City Manager, in response to requests from media, staff and the public, a statement has been prepared regarding what occurred the evening of Sept. 9 involving Monroe Police Officers and Council Member Angelia James.

On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021 staff at the Fairfield Inn, located at 1825 Williams Road, called 911 seeking the removal of a person disturbing the peace.  The person disturbing the peace was identified as Council Member Angelia James.  When Monroe Police arrived on the scene, Council Member James informed Police that there were felons on site that needed to be arrested.  Council Member James was asked by the responding police officers how did she know they were felons?  Council Member James responded that God spoke to her and told her.  Monroe Police determined that individuals identified by Council Member James were not felons.  Council Member James continued to insist that God spoke her and there were felons on site that needed to be arrested, as one of the felons had committed a murder.   Council Member James insisted that the Police obtain a search warrant to search the entire hotel to remove the felons. 

Council Member James’ husband later arrived on the scene to take her home.  Once home, Police were called to the James residence due to a disturbance.  During the incident, several officers at the scene were informed they were demoted, fired, promoted or would be fired by Council Member James.  Council Member James proceeded to tell the officers that she had also fired Police Chief Bryan Gilliard. 

Council Member James was transported to Atrium Health Union Hospital by EMS for medical assistance.  At Atrium Union, Council Member James confronted officers and individuals, removed an officer’s facemask and declared that COVID was over.  Again, Council Member James told officers on the scene that she was firing them.  She again stated that Chief Gilliard was no longer the Chief and that Sergeant Mark Isley was named Chief of Police. 

No Council Member of the City of Monroe has the ability to fire a City employee.  None of the employees at the Police Department, including the Chief, were fired.  The authority to hire and fire City employees, except for the City Clerk and City Attorney, lies solely with the Interim City Manager.