The City of Monroe would like to encourage property owners to report non-City activity along sanitary sewer easements in order to help the City control dumping, vandalism, and possible damage to City utilities. The City also would like to remind residents that operating All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) on sanitary sewer easements is illegal without the express consent of the landowner of the easement location. A law enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly makes it illegal to operate an ATV on public streets, roads, or highways except for the limited purpose of crossing the street, road, or highway unless otherwise allowed by law  (North Carolina Session Law 2005-282).

     Sanitary sewer easements typically are private property, and the easement gives the City the right to construct and maintain the sanitary sewer line within the easement. The City normally mows sanitary sewer easements twice per year. City staff members also ride along the easements after a major storm to observe any potential problems with the wastewater collection system. City employees are uniformed and will present identification upon request. Anyone operating an ATV on a sanitary sewer easement without the permission of the landowner is trespassing.

     Residents are urged to contact the Monroe Police Department immediately at (704) 282-4700 when they see illegal ATV operation on sanitary sewer easements or public streets. If possible, residents should obtain a vehicle license plate number or vehicle description without confronting violators. Property owners also can post their property as “No Trespassing,” and individuals who are caught trespassing can be charged. For more information, contact the Water Resources Department at (704) 282-4601.