In order to meet stricter Federal and State drinking water regulations, the City of Monroe operates its water treatment plant located on Lake Twitty using the practice of “chloramination” to disinfect the drinking water. The chloramination process, which uses a combination of chlorine and ammonia, has been used for years by many water utilities across the country. As part of the operating permit issued by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Monroe must revert to using only chlorine once per year to ensure good overall water quality in the distribution piping system. The City of Monroe coordinates with surrounding systems during this conversion.

The City of Monroe is planning this conversion to begin March 1; it will last approximately five weeks. There will be localized fire hydrant flushing which will occur during business hours. The City will issue a follow-up news release when the conversion back to chloramines is scheduled. While most customers will not notice the change, some may notice a slight change in the taste of their water, temporary odor and color differences. This is a normal component of the process, and customers should be reassured that water quality is not affected and remains safe for drinking, bathing, cooking and other general uses.

There are groups of customers, including kidney dialysis patients, fish aquarium owners, and certain industries, which will need to be aware of the change and possibly make adjustments in the way they remove chlorine from their water. The City's Water Resources Department is notifying these customers of the upcoming change to ensure they are prepared.

Any customers or citizens needing additional information about this program can call the City of Monroe Water Resources Department at (704) 282-4601 or read more information on the City website at