The City of Monroe Water Resources Department will be conducting sewer system smoke testing at various locations throughout Monroe beginning Jan. 18 and continuing until mid-March. 

Smoke testing is an innovative technology where a harmless smoke product is blown into sewer manholes to find defects in sewer pipes, service laterals, and other system components. Repairing defects that are found during this process protects the sewer system from excessive rainfall intrusion (inflow and infiltration), thereby preventing sewer overflows and overloading at the City’s wastewater treatment plant. 

During each smoke testing operation, uniformed Water Resources Department staff members are present and available to answer any questions. There is typically no risk or impact to homes or businesses; if smoke does enter a residence or business, it can be quickly dispersed by opening a door or window for a few minutes. The Water Resources Department will notify police and fire departments prior to each day of smoke testing operations as a general precaution. If you do detect smoke in your home or business and are unsure of the source, dial 911.   

According to Russell Colbath, Monroe’s Water Resources Director, smoke testing is part of a comprehensive sewer system asset management program that allows prompt and efficient condition assessment and needed sewer system repairs. 

For questions and information, please call the City’s Water Resources Department at (704) 282-4601.