City of Monroe Engineering and Planning and Development Departments will hold a public meeting Tuesday, May 21, 2019 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Iglesia De Dios Nueva Vida (New Life Church of God), 1111 Concord Avenue, Monroe, N.C. for the following:

1. To receive public input regarding the sidewalk design for 2100 linear feet of new sidewalk along the west side of Concord Avenue (HUD Community Development Block Grant Funded) as facilitated by American Engineering Services.  City of Monroe, Engineering Department, Sarah McAllister, P.E., Land Development and Infrastructure Engineer, (704) 282-4532;

2.  To receive public input on the naming for signage of the beautification area made possible by a land donation from Gus and Liz Mihelakis located at Patton Avenue/Concord Avenue/Secrest Short Cut Road  (A public-private partnership authorized by Monroe City Council) facilitated by the City’s Community Development Division.  City of Monroe, Planning and Development Department, Teresa V. Campo, MPA, CZO, CDA, Community Development Coordinator, (704) 282-4526.   You can also provide input by survey for the naming of this project:

All interested parties are invited to attend.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE: the City Council may change any aspects of these projects without further public input.