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2017 Annual Drinking Water Treatment Change and Water Quality Information

Annual Drinking Water Treatment Change and Water Quality Information 

The City of Monroe Water Resources Department announced it will complete the annual drinking water treatment process change using chlorine on Nov. 1 and convert back to the practice of “chloramination” to disinfect the drinking water.  During the month of October, customers may have noticed a slightly different taste to their water as a result of this change. Some discoloration of the water may have also occurred since fire hydrants are flushed during the treatment change.  The annual change is required as part of the operating permit issued by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to ensure good overall water quality in the water distribution piping systems.  The Water Resources Department is directly notifying sensitive customer groups such as medical facilities and fish stores of the upcoming change to ensure they are prepared.

The city’s program to ensure quality drinking water to customers is much broader than just the annual chlorine process change.  Water delivered to customers must go through a rigorous treatment and sampling process and exceed all federal and state standards before it can be served to the public.  By law, the city must also provide an annual report card on drinking water quality and send it to all customers.  Customers should have received a direct mailing of this report; if not, the 2016 report can be found on the city’s Web site at www.monroenc.org.  Anyone interested in touring the city’s John Glen Water Treatment Plant to see how the drinking water for Monroe is treated can call the phone number listed below.  The important message to Monroe water customers is that their drinking water is safe to drink at all times.

The Water Resources Department has an added program to detect and control taste and odor causing substances in the water supply.  The following improvements have been implemented to make this program successful:

  • Installed an in-lake aeration system in Lake Twitty to pre-treat the water entering the WTP.  This helps control algae and avoids stagnation in the lake water.
  • Changed treatment chemicals to enhance removal of organic material from the water.
  • Provide in-lake treatment using copper sulphate to control algae further.
  • Improved and expanded the treatment process of powdered activated carbon (PAC).  PAC is a nationally-recognized technology that can safely remove compounds that cause taste and odors.
  • Sensitivity to the taste of water varies widely across different people and therefore is challenging to sample. The City has formed a taste and odor testing panel made up of people across the City.  Panel members sample Monroe water each Wednesday and provide a scientific scored assessment of water quality.  The treatment process is adjusted based on the results. Any resident interested in serving on this panel may contact the Water Resources Department at the phone number below.

Any Monroe customer who has a concern with the drinking water (discoloration, taste and odor, etc.), is encouraged to call the City’s Water Resources Department at (704) 282-4601 so that the concern can be promptly and professionally investigated.